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Key speakers

Peter Anderson.

Nick Heather Lecture 2018: Alcohol – still a balanced view? 30 years on from the landmark publication of the UK Royal College of General Practitioners. Where are we, and where do we need to go?

Institute of Health and Society, Newcastle University, England; Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences, Maastricht University, Netherlands.

Professor Anderson has pioneered implementation and translational research on brief interventions for heavy drinking in primary health care. Whilst working with World Health Organization, he set up and managed the WHO worldwide Phase III and Phase IV studies on implementing brief interventions for hazardous and harmful alcohol consumption in primary care. The Phase IV study led on to the creation of INEBRIA, for which Professor Anderson is a past President. He was the author and lead coordinator of the FP7 European Commission co-financed ODHIN project which demonstrated the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of strategies to enhance health care provider behaviour in delivering screening and brief advice programmes in five European countries. He presently coordinates the SCALA project, scaling-up screening and brief advice programmes in Colombia, Mexico and Peru. He was an author of the UK Royal College of General Practitioners Report, “Alcohol – a Balanced View” (1986), the starting point of his presentation.