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Please note:
• The deadline for submission of abstracts is the 13th of April 2018.
• Please make sure that at least one of the authors registers for the Conference.
• There are three types of possible presentations. For each one there is a specific form that contains a more detailed description and instructions. Read instructions before submitting the abstract.
• On-line submission is recommended. If you need assistance or look for another alternative, please write to:

Types of presentations:

RESEARCH REPORT / PROGRAM EVALUATION (oral presentation or poster).
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Abstracts submitted individually will be considered for oral or poster presentation (you may choose to have your submission considered for oral, poster, or either).

Oral presentations will be strictly limited to 10 minutes in length followed by an additional 5 minutes for questions. The selected abstracts will be grouped by subject or research line, and will be programmed in some of the group sessions of the Conference, which are held in parallel.

Two or three individual research or program abstracts will be chosen for presentation in a Best Abstract Plenary session. Abstracts submitted as part of symposia or workshops are not eligible for the best abstract plenary.

In poster presentations, an author must be present to display and discuss the poster. Posters will be evaluated for awards during the poster session.

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Workshops may be appropriate for brief presentation and discussion of preliminary findings from clinical, educational and research programs that are better discussed in this format than in abstract format.

The key consideration for workshop selection (aside from relevance to alcohol or drugs brief interventions) is that the topic or approach proposed is best suited for small group interactive learning.

Examples of workshops include: Sessions for learning brief intervention skills; Discussing implementation of brief interventions; Discussions of research methodology issues; Demonstration of educational material; Demonstration of Information Technology tools; Discussion of Policy Initiatives.

Workshops will be 90 minutes in duration.


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A symposium is 90-minute session based on a coordinated submission of abstracts that are related. A symposium presentation includes: an introduction, 4 oral presentations based on submitted abstracts and a discussion. Each component is 10 minutes total and 5 minutes for questions.

The introduction and discussion may be done by one or two people, who may or may not be presenters of abstracts submitted, one of whom will likely be the Chairperson of the symposium. A Chairperson may only lead one Symposium proposal.

Each abstract must be submitted individually in addition to and separate from the symposium proposal.